Property Developers

The process of property development begins in the mind of the architect; through their meticulous designs, plans and development sketches emerge exacting blueprints for spaces in which to live. All of which are formed from a careful consideration of modem, luxurious living.

As an architect, their profession isn’t simply about specs, bricks and mortar – their profession is the creation of modern, life-enriching spaces; and as a property developer, you’re not selling a property – you’re selling a lifestyle, a way of living and a mark of luxury. Completing this are the property dressers who can spend hours upon hours carefully creating the decor, fixtures and furnishings – all to enhance the ways in which a property provides tangible changes to lifestyle.

Our app is the perfect complement to each and every one of your efforts – offering property and lifestyle management services that are but a phone tap away. This revolutionary sales tool can seamlessly integrate with all that you market as the ultimate finishing touch for those seeking out optimal living standards.

By the opening of our app, and within just a few clicks, your residents will be able to tap into everything from automated restaurant reservations to the ordering of a chauffeur to take them there. This is a Guild of Professional English Butler’s approved service – ateam of concierge specialists who are ready and waiting – and a truly unique way in which you can add value to your property offerings.

Property Management Firms

Luxury property management commands an extensive array of tools, techniques and processes. To provide the robust level of management that residents within luxury accommodation expect the task is indeed a tall order for the average property management firm.

Central to any effective form of property management is often communication – something that can be the key between an excellent reputation amongst potential residents and a lacklustre status within the industry. Through our app, two-way communication is designed to be fast, effective and seamless; residents may book facilities within a single button press, they may interact with management via instant communication and may be empowered by the ability to report faults quickly and easily. The latter point of which can also cut down considerable administration times and costs.

Beyond this property management firms can also look forward to instantaneous communication with each and every resident that they look after – for which, the possibilities are endless. This could include the highlighting of residential news, information about the weekend’s events or updates on facility opening times. All of which cuts out the need for cumbersome communications, which may have previously been via email alone.

Property Agents

Property agents work with many people to do your job – and do your job well. We’re talking co-agents, landlords and tenants. Communication is difficult – disjointed. There are many messages, emails, phone numbers. Miss just one, and you could have a very unhappy tenant (and even unhappier landlord) on your hands.

Let’s take an example. The tenant calls their agent. This agent informs the landlord’s agent. That agent informs the landlord to get approval. All before any maintenance can be done. Slow, sluggish, so not 21st century.

Our app makes communication between everyone, easy. Property issues can be logged by tenants and viewed by all, instantly.

Tenants can request maintenance and report problems in a matter of a few taps, informing everyone, immediately. Simple, fast, satisfied.


Landlords, your tenants have lofty expectations. Provide the most polished of properties and you can expect the highest caliber of tenants.

Yet beyond the décor, the security and on-site facilities, there is something that could and should attract and impress your long-term guests – and that’s your dedicated, high-end hospitality.

Our app serves as your tenants’ butler – right around the clock, 24/7, seven days a week. There are curated lifestyle services for them to choose from – including direct-to-their-door laundry, chauffeurs, personal shoppers and more.

Our app also streamlines tenant communication. Now, with nothing more than their smartphone, your tenants can request assistance within a few taps.

It’s little luxurious extras such as these that mean you can attract tenants who are willing to pay more – month in, month out, while making your life as a landlord more pleasurable.